Miami beach 

Pure white sand as far as the eyes can see, and clear blue water. In the background there are buildings and scyscrapers. The contrast of being on the beach meanwhile being in the city makes the life easier and a dream for many people.

It’s september. Every morning has the same routine; have a look out of the window to see if it’s raining. Almost everyday it’s pouring down, but just for one hour or so.
After breakfast it’s beach time for some hours.

During the nights the city comes to life. People everywhere, loud music from all the restaurants and bars, tourists sippin’ huge drinks on the famous Ocean drive, the art deco lit up in different colors. A really nice city puls and a feeling that you are somewhere in central america. Also the view of Miami skyline from Miami beach is spectacular.
The night life here is totally different than in Sweden, of course. If you are a girl with the right contacts, congrats! You’ll have free entrance and free alcohol all night. Dresscode is high heels, forget your white sneakers, no heels no entrance.

I spent ten days in South beach. This was more a lazy, realxing vacation than an exploring one. The two places outside Miami beach me and my friends went to were Wynwood walls in Miami. Cool graffiti art, perfect if you want to pose for a new profile pic on Facebook 😉

And Key west – the place I had heard so much about before my trip and everything was true…it’s amazing! It took us four hours to drive there, passing Everglades and Key Largo on the way. I could have spent more days than just one afternoon/evening in Key West! Cute city, like being in a fairy tale.

There are of course more to see and explore than just Miami beach in Florida! Until next time.

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