Rio: La Ciudad Maravillosa

Leblon.. Ipanema.. Copacabana..Corcovado-Cristo Redentor, Paõ de Açúcar, la Escadaria Selarón: well, welcome to ” La ciudad maravillosa” the marvelous city; welcome to Rio de Janeiro
Samba in carnaval style in the background, myriads of people having fun: on the beach surfing big waves and on the asfalt surfing their longboards; around the corner people sitting on the bars drinking caipirinhas.

The city start to get prepared for the big event: many music stages almost ready,the big boats taking their positions to shot the endless fireworks! Even the tourists and local, get dressed in white, the typical dress code for New Year Eve party..

Let’s say good bye to the old year to welcome the new year.

Few hours before the big event, the city already get crowded so, best is to buy in advance the sparkling bottles for the midnight cheerings.

All year long and especially during this time of the year and the famous Carnival there is availability of food and drink almost in every corner of the streets; from Brazilian food to Italian,so, every taste can be satisfied.
Ohh twelve o’clock at night .. let’s begin the party.. getting near the first music spotlight and dance some samba;
Selfie time.. a sip of wine and carry on all night long!
Next days.. prepare your backpack and one by one, plan to have a visit to the spots that make this city magic.

Corcovado- Cristo Redentor view:

Paõ de Açúcar





Escadaria Selarón:

Favela’s life:

And Rio by night??

And Rio from the air?? 🙂

Just few hours away from Rio there is an amazing island: Ilha Grande..nature all around, getting there with a special boat where is loud Brazilian music and drinks.. feeling the tropical atmosphere.

There is a reason for this special name..
Is a marvelous city that give a lot of emotions..

See you Rio

4 thoughts on “Rio: La Ciudad Maravillosa

  1. New Year’s in Rio is brilliant, we need to do that! By the way, the original Portuguese name of André Filho’s samba march is “Rio, a cidade maravilhosa”. “La ciudad maravillosa” is the Spanish translation.


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