Mon petit Genève 

December 30 2016, just landed at the small international airport, where our chauffeur 😉 is waiting to bring us in the city center mansion where we will spend the next five days.

First night, our personal chef, made for us a typical fat and yummy Swiss cheese fondue to share in the middle of the table with the other diners. Sharing is caring, so let’s open one more bottle of wine! Since we are in Switzerland do you want to guess the dessert? Well, of course in the country of chocolate we couldn’t miss that.. Chocolate fondue for everybody. Tummy box full and ready to get some nice rest and get ready for the next days.

December 31 2016, we began the day with a fast round trip to France, just a few miles away from Genève, where we went up by a lift on “Le Monte Salève” for a nice view of the city from above; too bad this day was cloudy, so we weren’t able to see Genève, but, a speechless mountain skyline and a bed of fluffy clouds.

Lunchtime, back in Genève, we ate some specialities at the fancy “Globus” mall, and a quick walk in the city center and of course some alcohol shopping in the famous “Manor” commercial center, for the evening cellibrations.

Welcome 2017!

January 1 2017, direction Vevey and Montreux.

  • Vevey: famous for Charlie Chaplin because of his residence and for the big fork in the lake just in front of the “Alimentarium”, the nutrition and food museum. A must do, is to take a walk on the lake front, where you get really attracted by the smell of fresh crêpes. We couldn’t refuse it.  
  • Montreux: famous for Freddie Mercury, the “marché de Noël” the Christmas market, and the casino. Montreux lifestyle looks really expensive. 

On the way back home we detoured to ” Café du Centre” for a nice shellfish and Champagne dinner in Genève.

January 2 2017, Snowboard day in Chamonix. After a long day in the mountains with lots of hours on the snowboard, it’s always nice with raclette dinner! 

January 3 2017, shopping day in Genève, a lot of chocolate, and a walk up to the old City; really a romantic and beautiful atmosphere. Few hours later a 40′ minutes road trip to Annecy.. the french Venice. This village also really enchanting.

January 4 2017, time to pack our suitcases, actually one more than in the beginning.. shopping 🙂 and go back to the snowy Stockholm.

A great beginning of 2017!

A big thank you to our chauffeur, host and “private” chef 😉 – Michele, Danilo’s cousin and his girlfriend Cheryl for having us.

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