Heaven exist; I have been there !


IMG_1072If you ask people if heaven exist, maybe they will be answerless or trying to think of an appropriate back talk; but succeeding the Bolivian Salar de Uyuni trip, I can prove that the pearly gate is there!

Before looking at this place by my own eyes i would never imagine the magical and emotional sensations going trough all my body.. kind of a relaxing state of enlightenment, tasting what it means to experience the state of nirvana.

“There is that dimension, where there is neither earth, nor water, nor fire, nor wind; neither dimension of the infinitude of space, nor dimensions of the infinitude of consciousness, nor nothingness, perception-non perception ; neither this world, nor sun, nor moon; and there, I say, there is neither coming, nor going, nor staying; neither passing away nor arising: unestablished.”


After being traveling along the Atacama desert by an old full size 4WD Lexus LX 450 , bumping on the desert rocks and sliding away from the desert sand dunes, finally we get on an open white space flanked by a railway; first stop, take few pic on this train line that is used to transport salt and minerals from Potosi to Antofagasta in Chile to La Paz in Bolivia and ready to ride our beast with direction somewhere lost in the middle of nowhere, but then after being losing our way twice, we arrive to the refuge where we are going to spend our night. of course everything was builded by using salt, even the bed frame, the chairs, the table and the floor, so the owners asked us kindly to not poor any water anywhere otherwise would melt.

The little village is surrounded by flocks of lamas, huge cactus, quinoa plantations, and a square with a church that looks like the mainly spot for the local to meet each other and spend time together. No wi-fi, nor telephone signal, neither electricity on the evening roads: well, desert is desert!


The evening is going to end chatting in Spanish with the rest of the group, just after being eating the lovely veggie and chicken soup dinner, drinking quinoa beer, and llama sperm shot offered so proudly to us… of course i refused the last one! 😉  slowly we decide to go to sleep due our super early wake up alarm at 4:30.. we need to get the sunshine in time.

Salar de Uyuni, big 10,582 square Kilometres at the high of 3656 meters above the sea level, from this moment will give us better and better presents: indescribable nature power showing us all the beauty.

On unestablished consciousness, see SN 22.87 and the discussion on the Paradox of Becoming

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