Summer road trip: Italy 

We are in Sweden, autumn is here and it’s starting to get colder and darker outside. Luckily we had an amazing summer that included a road trip throug Italy, from Bergamo in the north to one of the most southern parts of Italy; Lido Marini, in Apulia region. A cocktail between the city life in the northern parts of Italy to the colorful, fantastic  and wild views in the south and everything in between. In these chilly and autumnal days it’s great to be able to look back, remember and share.

We didn’t see much of Bergamo since we landed in the evening and drove our rental car to our first stop Lago di Garda. The inflight though was amazing. Bergamo is a city we really would like to visit in the future.


Sirmione, a cute old town, the pearl of Garda Lake, famous in the world for a dream holiday, with a castle like in a fairytail, the magical flowers growing on the buildings and gelaterias in every corner making the hole story sweeter.

After Lago di Garda we drove to Verona, the city of love. We didn’t have so much time in Verona, so we were really touristic and went with the rest of the visitors to the balcony of Gulietta. We also payed some money to go in to the building to have a look around. Of the little we had time to see it felt like Verona is a beautiful city and we’d love to go back and see more/spend more time there.

In the same afternoon we took the car to our next city – Bologna, with a little detour throug Modena; being Chef’s Table (netflix tv show) NERDS, we had to find one of the best worldwide restaurant, awarded by San Pellegrino and Acqua Panna 50’s best restaurant, Osteria Francescana owned by Massimo Bottura. We found it, pictured it and dreamed about! 😉 by the way, Modena is a perfect place for Aceto Balsamico Tradizionale fans.

In Bologna we stayed in a fantastic Airbnb apartment, just few steps away from the city center. For dinner we had, of course, something classic from this area; pasta bolognese and tortellini.

The road trip continues, next stop: lovely Toscana and Firenze. Actually we spent the night at an amazing old stone house, Casafrassi, in Castellina in Chianti, the most famous of Italy´s hills with wine yards and  cypress trees, almost painting the scenario; not far from Firenze, a must see! That’s something we recommend to do, if you´ll be around this area, because it’s a nicer feeling than just an ordinary hotel.

The day in Florence was really nice, a lot of old buildings and cathedrals in their own special style, history and of course the famous Ponte Vecchio.

A few minutes away from our night stay in Chianti and our next stop: lovely Siena. With the cool shell-shaped Piazza del Campo, which is the focus of the city civic life, where a lot of people are sitting and eating, smoking, waiting for friends or just reasting in the sun. All the small streets around and the history of all the different Contrade (districts) that also are competing against each other in the famous horse race Palio di Siena around Piazza del campo. Our staying was a marvelous Hotel, with the best amenities, swimming pool, perfect breakfast and kind staff.. We loved it!! We will definitely come back here!

After one day and night in Siena we continued the driving to Napoli and the beautiful Amalfi coast. Napoli was a short lunch break stop, and when in Napoli, what else to eat than a pizza Margarita?! We went to the famous Gino Sorbillo, and what a pizza that was! 3,50 euro and pure perfection. After food of course continue with an espresso, and that coffee was one of the best ones of this trip! The only bad thing with having a deadline in Napoli is that you have to really stay longer to understand the type of city. It’s a big city and it’s kind of hard to know where to go, so, plan well!

The Amalfi coast.

After driving several hours around the crazy roads between the montains and the forest of Amalfi Coast, we finally arrived. Amalfi and Positano are beautiful; the houses are built on the mountains and hills, where most of the time driving a car around becomes an adventure, so The Viandanti suggest you to rent a motorbike or just find a staying next to the mainly touristic spots and move around trough sea, much easier and cheaper; a parking lot can sometimes cost up to 15 euro /h (unbelievable). The most amazing view is of course from the sea, so crystal clear with many tonalities of blue, really refreshing during a hot summer day where the sun can be straight up to the heads and the temperature up to 40 C; you can look up and just enjoy one of the most spectacular places on earth, it’s dreamy. We are not the only travelers thinking that this part of Italy is amazing. Being so beautiful and touristic, makes the prices high on almost everything, from the hotels or home staying, to the restaurants and how previously said to the parking, the excursions and even a sun bed for 30€ – 3 hours.

Nevertheless- Amalfi Coast, pricey or not, is a place you have to visit at least once in your lifetime, and you will remain speechless of its beauties.

Final destination: Puglia.

First stop in this region: Poligano a Mare. Just a lunch stop, unfortunately not at the famous restaurant carved of magnificent limestone rocks -Grotta Palazzese-, a walk around the village, enjoying the view over the blue-green Adriatic, and get crazy as usual, shooting pics around of everything.

Later we arrived to Ostuni – the white city – and went to Alberobello for dinner. Alberobello is famous for Trulli houses. As in Sirmione, it’s like being in a fairytale walking around there. It’s really super cute. This is also an area everybody should experience and see once in a lifetime, it’s really something.

After a good night of sleep we reached our final destination of the road trip: Lido Marini, for one week of total relaxation. Family time and beach mode was our motto during this time. And the sea here is worth mentioning, WOW. Really light blue, you get why it’s called the Maldives of Italy. Italy and all Mediterranean countries have nice and clear water, but here it is something else, super clean and clear.
Overall we drove 1600 km and the car renting went really smooth. Its been nice to see and experience the different parts of Italy – the people, food and cultures and the different nature of all different parts. Definitely a trip you all should do sometime! 🙂

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