For us, 2018 is going to be a year with a lot of traveling to warm and summery destinations. Thats why we wanted a different vacation, something new, a wintery destination. First our thoughts went to Iceland, but after warnings that Iceland in February can be rough, we landed on Canada. Neither of us have been there before, but heard a lot about it, the nature, the people, the restaurants, etc. February 13 we flew over the Atlantic ocean and touchdown Toronto!


Toronto is, according to us, a really cool city, where old meets new and modern mixed with graffiti alleys and universities. Reading the news and hearing about the January snow storms and low temperatures, we were prepared for a cold visit. We were pleasantly surprised however, with not to cold weather. Some days just below 0 degrees Celsius and some days around +12 degrees Celsius. We were lucky with sun most of the days as well.


We lived at the Grand hotel down town for all our stay. Good location with a nice panoramic view from the roof top, which we could enjoy with a glass of champagne in the jacuzzi located there.


Areas/places to go through and see, according to us:

  • Graffiti alley
  • The beach
  • China Town
  • Eaton center
  • Ripley’s aquarium
  • Distillery district was something else. Super cute district, in down town. At the time we were in Toronto there was the annual light festival, located in Distillery district. Cool and creative designs of light with stores, restaurants and bars in the middle of it.

We actually found one of our favorite restaurants in this area; El Catrin. Mexican food, and boy was it amazing!?! The location, the design, the food, the bar … everything, just perfect!


Other must go to restaurants are;

  • Buca, awesome Italian restaurant, really cool atmosphere and super good pasta.
  • Terroni, another Italiano.
  • Momofuku, ramen bar. Perfect when it’s cold and you need something warm.
  • Ihalo Krunch, not a restaurant, but ice-cream, and not any ice-cream but the famous charcoal ice-cream. Working even in February!

When you are traveling to Canada you should to go to at least one sport event. We choose hockey, because of the season of course, and also because for us it’s the sport we mostly connect Canada to. So we went, on Valentines day, to see Toronto Maple leafs beat Columbus blue jackets. And what an experience! Neither of us are interested in hockey normally, but this was so much fun! Not just the game, but also everything around it, the entertainment in between etc etc. We recommend it!



Besides hockey, something else we associate Canada with is of course the Niagara falls. They are majestic. Easy to get there by car or train from the city.


After some days in Toronto, it felt like we had seen the most of it, so we decided to road trip to Quebec to Parc Omega. Going to Parc Omega took around five hours with rental car, it was so worth it though. That is a must do if you’re going to the Canadian east coast. A park/nature reservat for Canadian animals, such as deers, wild hogs, bisons, wolves etc. The nice thing is that most of the animals walk free, and the wild ones are not locked up in small areas/cages, they have much space.                                                                                AND; you are allowed to feed them carrots! (And we gave some apples as well :p). So much fun and relaxing. Best thing ever!


On the way home we had a short dinner break in Ottawa. We were wondering why we didn’t stay there for some nights, because of what we saw it is a beautiful capital. A bit more European feeling, less skyscrapers and a lot of old buildings. Now afterwards if we would re-do this trip, we would definitely stay in Toronto and also in Ottawa for somedays.


Overall this was an amazing trip and destination! Thank you Canada, we’ll be back!


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