Just arrived home from Dubai after having a really nice time, the city,  the beaches, the food everything fantastic. We stayed for one week and during that time we saw a lot of different things and also got some time to relax.

We must say that not everything is expensive in Dubai, like normally people has imagination of.

Let’s start from the beginning; just arrived in the huge airport and getting a warm welcome, also because of the temperature ;), and finding the way out, taking the first taxi available to the hotel, we had the first great discovery of the trip, after that we had been planning to use subway, bus or walking, we understood that taxi is so cheap. Also we found out quickly that Dubai is not a city for pedestrians. Thanks to that we managed to do more things that we’d actually planned.

First day after a pretty long flight, we just wanted to relax on the beach. We choose one of the public beaches, that actually looked like one more fancy European beach. The temperature was lovely, not to warm, felt like spring time was the best time for us to go there, because summer time we think might be to hot. Also worth mentioning is that the beaches in Dubai are really clean and have a lot of services. Like for example space where to change clothes, toilets, showers, restaurants, caffées and food trucks. Also malls around….like in every part of Dubai.



Even if the public beaches are really nice we suggest at least one day to go to a fancy private establishment. Pretty expensive, but world class beaches and services. You can find huge green areas next to the beach, extreme swimming pools and huge yachts around.


We went to maybe one of the most famous malls and the biggest mall in the world: the Dubai mall. You find EVERYTHING that exist in the world in there, from cheap brands to expensive ones, regular jewelry to the most expensive. This mall is located next to one of the most famous buildings in the world, and also the tallest in the wold; the Burj Khalifa. This area is one of the most touristic attractions of the city, because of the fountain dance, (also the biggest one in the world), the mall and the 829 meters tall Khalifa. And also because of the rich people parking and showing their goods (cars :p). Imagine this scenario blended with the magical perfume coming from the shisha smoke, and the fantastic middle eastern cuisine.



Actually there are a lot of amazing restaurants around, where you can get a super amazing service, next to food such as hummus, tabbouleh, fattoush and much more vegetarian, vegan or lamb selections.

Some restaurant choices. (A bit more pricey than the rest, but worth the experience):

  • Asado restaurant – Burj Khalifa area
  • Al Hallab Bab el Bahr – the palace area
  • Bahar  – Dubai marina area
  • Nusr-Et Dubai – Jumeirah area
  • Ya meza – La mer area
  • Tent Jumeriah restaurant – Burj al Arab area






Totally in Dubai there are 25 000 things to do, but of course you must find some priorities. One of ours was the Miracle garden. Imagine in the middle of the dessert a whole park filled with colorful flowers, made in different decorations and sculptures – like for example the Emirates airplane – a real plane filled and decorated with flowers . This is the perfect place to spend some hours and take cool pics.



After a few days in Dubai, it was nice with a different view, so we headed to the capital Abu Dhabi. Taxi coasts around 250 AED, so around 50 euro. We actually opted for a cheaper way with bus. Go and come back costed around 140 AED per person and took around 2 hours.

Abu Dhabi is famous for being the capital, for the Ferrari world and for the third biggest mosque in the world – Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The mosque is built and inspired of Persian style and designed with luxury raw material such as gold, marble, crystals and precious stones.

Some tips about this mosque; since it’s a religious place there are no restaurants etc around, so can be good to bring water and eat before going. Also good to go a bit later in the afternoon when the sun starts to go down, because of nice light for pictures. Dress appropriately, for women there are abayas to borrow at the entrance. Also the entrance is free of charge and you must respect the religion and traditions.

Make sure not to miss this place! Even if you just go to Dubai and not Abu Dhabi make sure to drive, take a taxi or bus to this amazing place.



Another nice visit in Abu Dhabi is the Emirates palace, a huge hotel/residence, where you can see the real luxury.



In Abu Dhabi we stayed at the Royal Rose hotel for one night. A nice five star hotel, with super service and aslo they upgraded our room which was nice.



We ended our trip with a visit to the souk area in Dubai, just next to the famous Dubai creek, where actually the “new” city came from. Imagine their story started with being Bedouins until the 1960’s boom of oil industry that made them become what they are today.  Being a market where you can find spices, clothes, gold and jewelry the key words is contract.



Dubai seems to be a city that is growing constantly since you see workers 24-7 and also because in 2020 it’ll be the Expo there. So would be exciting to return in some years and see the evolution of the city.

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