Coast to coast, Napoli to Sicily

Four weeks ago we started our three months vacation. Road trip from Stockholm, Sweden to Italy. First stop: Ercolano, for Danilos’s cousins wedding.

Ercolano is located under the volcano, Vesuvius, close to Napoli.
The wedding was spectacular. Beautiful ceremony, much food, drinks and dance.


After the wedding we continued down to Maratea, in the region of Basilicata. A road through the mountains, up and down, up and down with a lot of hard curves.

In Maratea we had one of the best pasta experiences so far during this vacation. Outstanding. Basilicata is famous for peperoni di Senise (dried red pepper). Maratea is known for the statue of Redemeer, the Christ of Maratea.




We stayed at a bed and breakfast in the village not far from the beaches. The beaches in this area are of black small stones, witch gives a really cool effect to the crystal water.





After Maratea we headed for Calabria, and our first stop was Tropea and the second was Capo Vaticano. The first is a really characteristic Italian village with amazing landscapes, water blue and clear and much n’duja and cipolla (soft salami and red onions).  One must eat pasta from here is Fileja with salty ricotta and n’duja in tomato sauce.

The people are friendly, as always in Italy. Capo Vaticano is a lovely mixture of mountains, sea, beaches and landscapes. We stayed at a nice resort with a private beach. Last but not least we were at Pizzo calabro, if you ever come here you have to try the speciality of this village; il tartufo di Pizzo (a typical ice-cream).




The last coast at the moment is Sicilia. We are, as we speak, in Palermo… well a bit outside, in the mountains with a view over the gulf. We have been here for three weeks more or less, living the Italian lifestyle, the quotidianity around markets, beaches, countryside and villages. Here also we have had the possibility to prepare and make some fresh pasta by our self toghether with some of the family members.

It’s cool to explore different beaches daily, especially this time of year, september, since it’s not high season so not extremely much people, more relaxfull and cleaner water. Have a look at the pics of Sicily on our instagram page: theviandanti ;).

Next blog will be about Sicily and different places and attractions we have visited.

Ci vediamo! 🙂

3 thoughts on “Coast to coast, Napoli to Sicily

  1. Cool photos and post. So glad you got to see some of Calabria as this is not frequented much by foreigners. I live in Cosenza so shame you didn’t stop for a Spritz or espresso…next time.
    Many thanks for stopping by my Travel and Photography blog.


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