All roads lead to Rome

Wether you are interested in history or not, Forum Romanum, Colosseum and Circus Maximus are places in Rome you must experience, at least ones in your lifetime. Walking among the ruins of ancient Rome is mind blowing.

Forum Romanum is the ruins of the commercial, religious and political center of the ancient city of Rome. It’s situated between Campidoglio and Palatino (two of the seven hills). Also it was the neuralgic part of Rome during that time, where emperors, soldiers and the old roman civilization had their every day life.

Forum Romanum. Colosseum in background


The suggestion is to buy a ticket that gives you access to enter both the Forum and Colosseum, one day or two day tickets. November is not high season so there is not extreme queue either, at least not for Forum Romanum. You can buy the tickets inside the entrance that is located on the road behind the arch of Constantine. It takes a few hours to walk through all of Forum Romanum, it’s bigger than it looks….it’s huge actually. Once inside you breath in the interesting history and all the different impressions. Amazing indeed!



(arch of Titus):


(Horti  Farnesiani (Palatino)): 

(view over Campidoglio):

(view over the Forum): 

(Temple of Antoninus & Faustina):


(column of Phocas & arch of Septimius Severus):


(temple of Castor & Pollux):

Colosseum (Amphitheatrum Flavium), the largest amphi theatre in the world, is magnificent to see. Even if you have seen it a hundreds of times it’s still breath taking. Both of us have been in there before, but not during this trip. As with Forum Romanum it’s nice to explore it inside, at least once in life. Be prepared to queue though. We really like to come around the area at night when it’s lighten up, also a bit less tourists and sellers around – but at night you can’t go inside, good to keep in mind!



Circus Maximus is located in the valley between Aventine and Palatine (close to Colosseum and Forum Romanum). It’s an ancient horse chariot racing stadium, actually the first and the biggest stadium in the Roman empire. Now only a little part of the stadium is left, but you can still see the area of the ground. It’s an open area and during day time a lot of people takes walks inside here. Also you can see art students taking pics and measurements of the ruins that are left. Also when Roma football club wins Seria A the fans celebrate here… so that means almost never, hehe.

Circus Maximus with Palatino in background 


Of this three ancient ruins we think it’s best to start in the Forum Romanum and then continue to Colosseum (if the queue is not to extreme), and finish with Circus Maximums.

Well we are not surprised that all roads lead to Rome. It’s really amazing that after all these years we are still fortunate to be a part of all this.

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