Vatican and Villa Borghese

Just arrived back in Sweden after been spending three months in Italy, we want to share a bit of the hidden parts of Rome even if they are still really important to the city and the tourism.

Well, the first one is its own state, called Vaticano: it is a huge area in the middle of Rome, with extremely a lot of treasures, cultural expositions, the Saint Peter cathedral, Sistina Chapel, and the museums, all surrounded by infinity parks.


Probably you’ve heard about all of these places already, but we wanted to show you our experience of it.

Morning alarm early, we showed up outside the entrance, in a tiny queue, more or less one hour before the museum opens. This because sometimes the line can be insane….! We were lucky! Being a touristic place there are a lot of people that wants to speculate about it, if someone comes up to you and ask if you want to stand in a faster line, or saying it’s the wrong line just ignore them! By the way there are no museum workers outside of the museum, so even if they show you some kind of badge just don’t show interest!

Once inside you’ll be shocked about what humans can achieve. It’s so much bigger than it looks, be prepared for a half day inside if you want to explore everything.



Walk around the marble statues of Raffaello and others, the amazing ceilings, sometimes with real gold! This is perfection!

There is also an Egyptian part of the museum, don’t miss it!

When you need to rest, take some sun and breath there is the garden, with the famous Sphere within Sphere, by Arnaldo Pomodoro.


Anyway…one of the mainly reasons to go inside the museum is because of Michelangelo’s biggest exposition: The Sistine chapel.

Goethe said: “Without having seen the sistine chapel, it’s not possible to have an idea of what one man is capable of doing”. – well totally agreed!


Last but not least one picture of the Bramante staircase, witch is the exit out from the museum:




If you for some reason get tired of the city pulse and museums, Villa Borghese is the right choice for you! It’s the biggest park in Rome where it’s a pleasure to walk around and breathe some fresh air – but also look at monuments and have the view over the city through the terraces.


Being a really romantic place, it’s a good choice for popping the question 😉 We will always have a special relation to this park and the Pincio terrace since there is where we got engaged 😀


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