Stockholm i mitt hjärta.

How to start your day in Stockholm?

Why not with a walk…Djurgården, Gamla stan, Södermalm, there are a lot of beautiful places and islands.
Maybe some shopping in Drottninggatan or in Östermalm where you find the more expensive stores. NK or Åhléns if you like malls and Gamla Stan for classic turistic shopping.


We swedes love our “fika”. Make sure to try at least one cinnamon bun to your coffee. Nice places for a fika break in town; Vetekatten, Gateaux, Café 60, Gildas rum and Mellqvist kaffebar just to mention a few.
The cinnamon bun have its own day as well, celebrated October 4.


Candy is something else we like. A nice store with a lot of different candies – something for everyone, is Caramella at Hötorget. 


If you feel cultural there are a bunch of museums – Museum of modern art and Museum of photography is a must! Also the restaurant and bar at the museum of photography is worth a visit. Other nice places to visit is the Opera house, Vasa museum, Cosmonova, and of course the Royal castle.

Nice places for food:

  • Verandan at Grand Hotel
  • Taverna Brillo
  • Kök
  • Svartengrens – don’t miss the drinks!
  • Urban Deli
  • Tokyo Diner – nice sushi for lunch.
  • Hötorgsterassen – during summertime!



Night life :

You might find it a bit different than in other countries with nightclubs and bars that closes mostly at three AM. In general Östermalm or Stureplan is a bit more fancy, Södermalm and Vasastan are a bit more relaxed. Good bars you can find everywhere.
Some good places that’s worth a visit:
Berns, Café opera near Grand hotel and Kungsträdgården. Sturehof, Spy bar around Östermalm and Hornhuset, Trädgården/Under bron located at Södermalm. Himlen is a bar/restaurant located at Södermalm with one of the better views over Stockholm and really nice cocktails. Even a bit outside the center, there are some popular nightclubs like Slakthuset for example. Buying alcohol in Sweden is also different from other countries. Systembolaget is the only store to buy alcohol to drink at home.


If you are here springtime it’s nice with a walk and an ice cream in Kungsträdgården under al the pink cherry blossom trees.

Stockholm during summer is beautiful. It’s almost always light outside, the sun goes up really early and down late. It always a good plan with a city break and go out to the archipelago, nearby like Fjäderholmarna, a bit further out like Sandhamn were you can go by boats from Stockholm, or more north in the Roslagen.
Also nice to visit Skansen and Tivoli Gröna Lund during summertime.

If you visit during winter why not go to Kungsträdgården for some ice skating or to the ski slopes nearby – Hammarbybacken or Flotsbro.


Funny festivities:
Valborg: to celebrate spring with big bon fires the last day of April. Stockholm is not the number one place to be during Valborg, instead, Uppsala, a town 45-60 minutes from Stockholm, is. Or Lund down south in Skåne.
Midsommar (midsummer). Classic, if you are in Sweden during June. Remember though that most people are not in town, but somewhere in the archipelago during this holiday.


Kräftskiva (crayfish party) in the autumn. Crayfish and västerbottenost paj, snaps, snapsvisor and funny hats.





“Solljuset stiger ur havet, spelar i koppar och glas. Stockholm i gryningen strålar, som var hon en gyllene vas. Med blommor från Östersjöns stränder, med ängsört från ekarnas sal. En skönhet på urbergets stränder, Mälarens ljuva vestal. 

Stockholm i mitt hjärta, låt mig besjunga dig nu. Åldrad i ungdomlig grönska, öarnas stad det är du. Av städer jag känner i världen, är du den stad som fått allt! Genom Mälarens kärlek till havet, en blandning av sött och salt”.  – Lasse Berghagen.

3 thoughts on “Stockholm i mitt hjärta.

    1. We live in Stockholm.. I am Italian with Salento roots but always been living in Rome. Hanna is a Swedish girl, we met in Stockholm we fell in love and now we enjoy our life together.. Stockholm is an amazing city.. Modern, funny, a lot of things to do.. Amazing during summer, warm and thanks to the see all around, easy access to the water for a swim, and winter.. Cozy and sweet, nordic atmosphere, sloaps in the city if yiu like to sky.. So everything in one

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