Åre [”oh-rey”]


A week in Åre with snowboarding and skiing is now over. A week with almost all different kinds of weather. We had snow, storm, sun, plus degrees, minus and even rain… luckily Åre village is nice to strol around in, and stop for “fika”, food or a bar. The nicest thing with this week was that there was not extreamly much people in the slopes. So more space and few queues.




Both of us the viandantis were supposed to go, but unfortunately Danilo couldn’t join  because of work. So I went by myself with the train from Stockholm and in Åre I met my parents, who went by car.

We lived in a little house in Åre Björnen, a bit away from Åreskutan. But it is easy access to center Åre – skiing or with the ski bus. Björnen is also a nice area with a lot of slopes, good for beginners or for technique training.



We had a lot of new snow, powder, since everyday it was snowing – even the sunny day (except one day when it was raining).



Because of the weather situation – the wind – unfortunately the high terrain was closed all days except for one. A day at the top is amazing, with another quality of the snow and skiing. We picked a bad week thinking of the weather this year…but you can’t get everything.



Nice dinner restaurants in Åre I recomend:

  • Werséns 
  • Supper Åre
  • Fjällpuben

In the slopes lunch/afterski:

  • Lilla Tyrolen (Björnen)
  • Kastrullen (Björnen)
  • Fjällgården
  • Årehyddan 

….and lots of more, this is the ones we went to for lunch and dinner during this trip.



If you are a fan of chocolate, (who isn’t?!), Åre chokladfabrik is the place. Both a store and a kitchen where the make their own famous chocolate. You can buy this chocolate in food stores etc. as well…but walking around in a local chocolate factory is of course more special.




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